Hello Summer


The official summer countdown has begun & at my house, no one is more ready for some summer fun than me!  I am definitely a kid at heart when it comes to those sacred sunscreened days between June 4 and August 14th.

So you better believe that when June 4th rolls around, this mama is going to be ready with an arsenal of summer boredom busters. This year in anticipation of summer break, I made Emmie & Will HELLO SUMMER baskets.

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5 things that are being pushed within me now the blog is live

5 things that are being pushed within me now that the blog is live

1.    I Am more intentional

Now it seems like everything I do I contemplate why, what it brings me, how does it make me feel. Yes, my brain has been on overload since the concept of our blog was nailed down. I find myself wishing I could stop and write many times during the day because I am thinking so much more about my actions, my thoughts, my feelings.

from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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“be more flexible…” he says

“be more flexible” he says……be more flexible he saysThe act of being flexible – ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstance.

This is not one of my strengths hence why it is a frequent conversation my husband and I have. I prefer to stick to my to do list, my schedule, my plan. Being married to a man who lives life by the seat of his pants challenges me to say the least. “be more flexible…” he says

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