Summer Parenting

If only summer parenting were like a day at the beach!!!

Parenting in the summer is not exactly a day at the beach.

Summer days can seem  loooonnngggg when parenting patience is short!

Schedules, bedtimes and rules at home often become less rigid in the summer. This often results in a phenomenon counselors call “thermometer” parenting.Just as thermometers “react”to the changing temperatures outside, thermometer parents tend to constantly react to a child’s changing moods & behaviors; instead of anticipating them.

This type of fly by the seat of your pants parenting often leaves parents frazzled, frustrated, and fried.

If this type of summer parenting sounds all too familiar to you, try taking a cue from your thermostat instead.

Thermostat parents set the pace and the tone of each day by anticipating setbacks & setting clear expectations for behavior. The “thermostat” parenting approach is PROACTIVE, not reactive.

Thermostat parents anticipate challenges and plan accordingly. For example, if your children tend to misbehave when they are hot, tired, hungry or bored, have a plan to deal with the behaviors in place before the day even starts. If certain places you frequent cause tantrums & temptations, discuss these with your child prior to visiting these places.

For some moms, this might look like getting up 20 minutes earlier to plan for the day. For others, it’s packing snacks & boredom busters prior before heading out the door.

By thinking ahead and anticipating trouble, you can keep your cool on even the hottest of summer days.




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