REST…Why is it so Damn Hard to Take a Break?


What is it with women and resting (or should I say not resting)? I’m sure there are women out there who are adept at taking it easy when in need, but for most (all) of the women I know resting equates to staying in your pj’s while you clean the house, wash the laundry, fold the laundry, grocery shop, cook, and clean again. Then when that’s all done you “rest” for 15 minutes on the couch before remembering you need to pack lunches, iron clothes, and prep the coffee maker for the next day ahead. I need a rest just thinking about this “restful” day.

So what is it that makes putting off and putting down the to-do list so damn hard?

I’m only going to scratch the surface on this one today. I plan to write much more on this after a little further research. I am curious to know what prevents you from really resting. Not just when you’re shaking from a fever or vomiting from the latest stomach bug your kid brought home. That’s recovery, not rest.

I’m talking about the kind of rest you give yourself because you’ve been doing and giving to everyone else all day or all week and you realize your mental and physical fuel is running on empty. Or, the kind of rest when you’ve been offering your ear to your sister, your mom, your best friend, your husband, your co-workers, your kids, whomever and your now at the point where the only reasonable response you can mutter is “Mmmhhhmmmm. Ohhhh. Ahhhh. Hmmmm.”

We all need rest, but we don’t all take it. Usually it takes a collapse in immunity, emotional control, or physical stability to wake us up to the fact that we’ve overdone it, again.

So, please, help me in this quest of trying to understand why we push, why we ignore, and why we flat out refuse to give ourselves the rest and care that we would most certainly recommend to anyone else. Share with me your experience and your struggle in the ongoing battle with rest. I’m all ears.

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9 thoughts on “REST…Why is it so Damn Hard to Take a Break?

  1. Because we love and care people around us if i talk about me my perspective on these women routine is they wanted to make everyone happy and want to make themselve dignified.

  2. It is absolutely impossible for me to just “stop”. My husband and family tell me this all the time. I cannot rest. It’s like I don’t know how. And, if ever I get close to being restful, I start to feel guilty and then torment myself with guilt which is so not restful…I’ve got to figure out how to though because when I don’t take breaks I’m always stressed and not very fun to be around..which is all the

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Nicole! I totally understand how you feel. I try to calm the guilt by reminding myself that a rested mommy is a much more fun and pleasant mommy. Sometimes it’s okay if the kitchen is a mess – even if it torments me 😂

  3. This needs an answer for sure! I know when I feel physically defeated enough to sit k then get mentally anxious about the to do list waiting. Then when I hear my hubby say just stop worrying I want to implode so get up and get at it again. HELP!!!

  4. Honestly, I have just started giving myself a break. I work as a night shift nurse on a fairly busy ward, and you’d think that I’d be tired and resting on my days off, but I’m always doing something to keep me busy. My “resting” is traveling and writing for my blog. Which sometimes becomes an enjoyable hassle. My reason for staying busy is because my husband is away right now, and it’s my way of coping. Resting just reminds me of how I can’t snuggle with him on my days off.

    But I think we, as women, feel the need to fix everything around us. So our “resting” is more like… light cleaning around the house. 😋

    LYNN |

  5. For me it is being overwhelmed with the never ending to do list. I do think it is worth it to stop down and spend some time with the kids, but I feel guilty if it is to stop down for me.

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