5 things that are being pushed within me now the blog is live

5 things that are being pushed within me now that the blog is live

1.    I Am more intentional

Now it seems like everything I do I contemplate why, what it brings me, how does it make me feel. Yes, my brain has been on overload since the concept of our blog was nailed down. I find myself wishing I could stop and write many times during the day because I am thinking so much more about my actions, my thoughts, my feelings.

from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

 2.    I take more photos

If you know me you know I love to take pictures. I love pulling out my ‘big’ camera for big events and who knows how many pictures I have on my phone. Truth is I go through slumps but now that the blog is live, my picture taking has come back alive. Who can have too many pictures of their family and life?


3.    I practice what I preach even more

This is a convicting one. One of the things I say often to parents I am working with is “Say what you mean, mean what you say” and now that I am laying my life out for all to see I have to a make sure I am being authentic too. Even my husband called me out on my struggle with being more flexible yesterday confronting me on my actions, ugh so glad we could laugh about that one. 

say what you mean mean what you say

4.    I am remembering how therapeutic writing is

Sitting down to focus, think, and write is so calming. I am adding it to my self care list again. I used to writing in my teens but I think all the note writing and paperwork I do for my practice has smuggled the joy of writing out of me for years. Now that the blog is live, my writing has come alive again.


5.    I am reminded that stepping into the fire is where magic happens

After the blog went live I was overwhelmed by many feelings and I continue to struggle within myself about my personal dance in this fire. There is no turning back and honestly I don’t want to. I feel more alive, more feeling, more thinking, more creative, all telling me this is where I am supposed to be.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


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