Mother’s Day Hangover

I woke up with a hangover Monday.

A Mother’s day hangover.

Before the 5:30 alarm went off my mind was racing with all that had to get done since I “took the day off” for Mother’s Day.  As I had mentioned I did not want breakfast in bed, I knew our day consisted of football games and basketball games, leaving my main request for a Mambo taxi by the end of the day.

How did the day actually go down?

We overslept, showed up for football a little late after shoving down donuts as we drove to the field, to realize we were on point for snacks which we forgot. Game #1 WIN! We ran home for lunch, me I snuck upstairs for a 20 minute power nap. Hubby fed the boys and made a little progress on the 10 loads of laundry I had planned to get done Saturday so I didn’t have to do laundry on Mother’s Day. Time for Basketball, which turned out to be a great game….I really do enjoy watching my boys play. Game #2 = LOST Race down the road back to football game in progress, no I have not had lunch yet, work on my Mom tan for awhile…..Game #3 = LOST BIG! Back home to spend some time working on STEAM fair projects before heading out to fulfill my main request….a Mambo taxi…or two….ok three…..

Oh and not to mention the perfectly unwrapped gifts by boys couldn’t wait to give them to me. I asked for a new purse and this is what my baseball lovin boys got me…

…Maybe next time I will be more specific…

Needless to say Mother’s Day was another day in the life of being a mom.

Rush Rush Rush mixed with tequila.

No time to sleep off a hang over these days, up and at em with the sun. Kids off to school, thankful for my 9am massage, then back for Lunch with Mom at school. I won’t bore you with the laundry list of to-dos that were spinning in my head as it was just another Manic Monday with a baseball game WIN wrapping up the day. RUSH RUSH RUSH to CRASH by 9:30. Just another day in Mom life.

These days I try to remind myself to set priorities, be present and be persistent.

With another Mother’s Day in the books we all woke up to our realities Monday morning. My reality lately has been topped off with a shot of overwhelmed. From the recent emotional over pour of launching this blog, to the straight up craziness of kids doing multiple sports, with a twist of working mom life, chased by a fun date weekend with my hubby. Reality lately has felt like a constant Mommy hangover from all the RUSH RUSH RUSH.

What are my priorities? I could draw out a flow chart about my priorities. I feels stressed even writing about my priorities because while they are important to me some also make me feel guilty. Guilt for times I prioritize self care. Guilt as I registered my kids for summer camp. Guilt I told Dillon I could not snuggle tonight. Guilt I have not given hubby enough attention today. Guilt I have not replied to all those emails. Guilt I am leaving town tomorrow for a work trip leaving hubby solo. Guilt that I am feeling guilt because why should I feel so guilty for setting my personal priorities.

This is why I practice being present. I am not a pro at this by all means, just the other day hubby commented on how much more I have been on my phone since starting this blog. (yes, insert guilt here) While I am not a pro, I do practice being present. In truth I try to not have my phone in my back pocket all the time ironically making hubby wonder if I am mad at him due to my delay in replying at times. Often my days include hours where I leave my phone in the other room so I can intentionally work on what is in front of me. When I go to lunch with girlfriends I try to not check my phone every few minutes. When I am with my kids I remind myself that I will never have this day again. My profession requires me to be present for those on the couch.

Persistence is what keeps me moving forward. A good friend often says “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Lately I have found myself chanting this as I feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed yet blessed. While I prioritize my bedtime to a fault (except tonight since I have not even started packing yet) I have found motivation with this chant. Today is a gift, I choose to live it to the fullest, I persevere, I do what I can, I show up where I need to show up, I am present for those who I value. Persistence keeps my priorities in perspective.

Remember, everyday is Mother’s Day. This is your perfectly imperfect life. With your Mother’s Day hangover behind you, take time to reflect on your priorities. Don’t let the chaos of motherhood overwhelm you to the point you forget to be present with your littles. Press on mama.

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