How many more ? How many more precious souls will be lost before we collectively seek to understand and heal the underlying causes of mass murder in America?

As a mental health professional, I wish I could say I was hopeful about finding a solution but unfortunately, I am not.  If we did not make this horrific problem a priority the day 26 innocent children & teachers were senselessly slaughtered in their classrooms, I fear we never will.


The most recent shooting really hit home for me.  I have been one of many in a crowd …too many times to count. Most recently, at Jason Aldean’s concert with my family…My child gleefully perched upon his daddy’s shoulders…Singing along to songs I love most with the people I love most. In fact, when I went in search for the video for this post, what struck me instantly was the looming skyscraper in the background.

A wave of nausea rose in me as I realized that had we been in a similar active shooter scenario, my son would have been directly in the line of fire. That day, we were lucky.

On the first day of October, in Las Vegas, so many were not.

That day, it was someone else’s family member in the line of fire….a son….a mother..a daughter….a wife….a best friend.

It was America’s sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, wives, sisters, brothers, and friends.


Enough with ridiculous/hateful rhetoric regarding party lines, gun control, and a divided America.
Enough screaming across congressional aisles, instead of working together to find common ground & compromise.
Enough listening only to respond,  instead of listening to seek and understand


The ultimate irony in all of this is that recently we have wasted days/months/even years arguing with our fellow Americans about what we refuse to tolerate from those whose views differ from ours: politically, religiously, sexually.

There are so many things we refuse to tolerate in this country. 

What we do tolerate again and again and again, is the heinous act of innocent souls being mowed down in cold blood; while enjoying the freedoms this country was built upon.

Enough shaming those who struggle with mental health problems.

Enough not teaching the youngest among us how to cope with anxiety, stress, anger & sadness. Enough sending Americans who do seek assistance the message that asking for help makes them somehow broken, defective, or weak.

Enough with breeding an atmosphere of hate.

Enough talking and more listening.

Enough finger pointing & blaming instead of looking inward at how we can all work together as Americans to end this epidemic.

Enough with the lack of respect for the fragile, miraculous miracle that is each and every human life.

The shooter in this case was most likely not born desiring to maime and slaughter his fellow Americans.

He was undoubtedly not born to be a hateful, soulless killing machine. He was made..

Made in America.

My America.

Your America.

Our America.

When will we finally stand up and scream ENOUGH?


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