I Get By

…With a little help from my friends!

On this Thankful Thursday, I want to give a shout out to the super-mama soul sisters who help me keep my sanity.  We all bonded as a misfit group of moms in the same kindergarten class (aptly entitled Mrs. Maddox’s Monsters ) and we have stuck together ever since. Our group is a self-proclaimed “GOOD VIBE TRIBE”  and I am not sure I can adequately express in words how much this group of ladies has meant  to me over the last few years.

Together, we have endured everything from the tiniest of playground dramas to the most devastating life events; including deaths, divorces, serious illnesses, and a lest we forget, the occasional mid-life crisis.

Each of us is ready at a moment’s notice to rejoice in a rare mom-life celebration… (“I went to the bathroom without an audience today!”) or give advice (“How exactly does one remove poop from her face cream jar or Orbeez from a pool filter?”) and encouragement (“YES…You can bring store bought cookies to the class party.”  and “NO…you aren’t the world’s worst mom for skipping the student led parent conference!”)

When one of us has a bad day, the first question from the group is….”How can we help?”  or  “What do you need?”

Most days, it might be a hug or a kind word. Other times, it’s an offer to grab your kiddo from carpool line because you had the brilliant idea to reorganize your freezer at 2:55 pm when pick up is at 3!!! 

I have to admit that what makes this group of moms my tribe is the fact that we allow each other a rare glimpse into the raw, MESSY, emotionally wrenching real world of motherhood.  We consciously choose to share not just our greatest mom moments with each other (You know…the ones we post on FACEBOOK) but more importantly –our worst.

It is more than an understatement to say that MOMMIN’ AIN”T EASY…but together we empathize, encourage, and endure.  I am so very proud to call this group of women my friends. Their grace reminds me daily that the journey of motherhood –like that of life-is about progress & not perfection. I am comforted to know that no matter what life throws at us,  we won’t ever have to face challenges alone.

Today please take a minute to thank a soul sister in your GOOD VIBE TRIBE.  Keep on keeping on, and be so very grateful that you are able to get by with a little help from your friends.
I get by

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  1. I love our group so much!! We were truly blessed to find each other via our kindergarten class and I know we will be lifelong friends!! These amazing ladies are truly who I know I can count on at a moments notice if I need anything…from prayers to pick up at school…and everything in between!! Great job sister!!! Luv ya!!

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