How to Kill the ANTS in Your House

Truth:  I am a see the glass half full person
Truth:  My Hubby is NOT
Truth:  Our children are like sponges listening to every work we say

With this said we started playing the ANT game this week at our house and it seems like they are gone!

What is an ANT?

It is an Automatic Negative Thought. There are many types of negative thinking such as all-or-nothing thinking, blaming, mind reading, catastrophizing, shoulding, the list goes on. Since the ANTS in our house were causing more and more stress I challenged the boys to the game of ANTS.

We were going to help one another identify their negative thinking by yelling ANT whenever they made a negative statement. This immediately made us all think about what we were saying before we said it because nobody wants a lot of ANTS.

Ants hurt us, they sting, and with too many ant bites you have to go to the doctor. ANTS hurt us too. Negative thoughts affect our brain by triggering a stress response. Chronic stress affects the body physically and can have negative effects on out physical and mental health.

How do you kill the ANTS?

1. Identify your Automatic Negative Thought(s) 2. Replace the ANT with and positive thought or the truth 3. Stomp the ANT. Examine why the ANT jumped in your head, maybe there is story behind the ANT or a trail of faulty thinking, 4. Disempower the ANT. By examining why the ANT was so quick to jump in your head you can then create a new story or new truth giving the ANT less power.

If the atmosphere in your house has been too negative I challenge your family to a game of ANTS.

If you would like to read more about ANTS I recommend Change Your Brain Change Your Life, by Danial Amen or for your kids Don’t Feed the Ants, by Erin Bernardi.

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