Dear Dads


You are so important, so needed, so powerful in our lives. In this day and age many women want to say “I don’t need a man” well, maybe you don’t need one but do you want one? The roles of men and dads in our lives are sometimes overpowered by feminism. Don’t get me wrong here I am a feminist at heart but I also find space to see and honor the role of men in our lives.


I was a daddy’s girl growing up. Truth is I am probably still a daddy’s girl at heart. I would go to work with my dad on Saturdays and during the summer when I could. I could put together a Honda lawn mower as well as the next guy since my parent’s owned a lawn and garden business. I helped restore antique tractors and drove them in the parade at the local tractor show with my Dad because that was his hobby. I got my ability to talk to strangers for hours, my need to be creative and my striking sarcasm from my father, as well as my love for Blue Bell ice cream.

Now I am married to man with many similarities to my father I do not want to admit. He is a great father to our boys. There are already times my boys are off doing boy things, leaving me feeling a bit left out, but I know this is precious father son time. My hubby grew up without a father so being a father is very healing to him. He takes being there and showing up for our boys to the next level. I could not ask for a better dad for them.

dear dads happy fathers day

If you know me you know I have a special place in my heart for all the single moms and dads out there doing it all solo. From those who had to make the difficult decision to do it solo to those who did not get to choose. No matter the case, today is a little reminder that Dad’s fill a special, unreplaceable spot in a childs life. The missing piece of a parent is devastating. So to all you Dads who feel you are not really “needed,” I am here to tell you. YOU ARE NEEDED. To all you Dad’s who think you have already screwed your relationship with your child up too much. YOU CAN RESTORE IT. To all you Dad’s who feel like you want to give up. DON’T GIVE UP. Do not allow walls of pain, resentment, selfishness or whatever your barrier is to not show up for your kids take over. THEY NEED YOU.

For those of you missing your dad today. HUGS TO YOU. If you have a dad who has chosen to not show up for you, please know, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. If your father is no longer with us, I hope you take time today to remember your favorite memories and how you keep him with you still. Holidays that are meant to celebrate often bring up pain for many, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Again, for the Dad’s who show up. THANK YOU. Often the work of a dad is easily overlooked and taken for granted. The work of a dad is hard. The work of the dad can be overwhelming. The work of a dad is special. If you are struggling to show up for your kids, please find a way to work on breaking those barriers down. Talk to a friend, a mentor, sit on a couch. Dig, pray, search, grieve, accept, scream, cry, write, talk, read. Do what you need to do to SHOW UP.

father day

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