Creativity is Self Care

How do you create?


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We all create, but we do not always make time to create.

Creativity comes in SO many forms. So, whatever form of creativity you gravitate to is your road to self care.

I was a dancer growing up, I expressed myself and restored myself through dance. Music has always been a creative outlet for me, music is all around. From listening to the song that comforts your heart, to fun times at concerts. Photography is a love of mine, of my children, of everyday moments, of nature. Scrapbooking along with paper crafting stores drew me in years ago, no I am a paper-addict according to my friends.  I love to craft, making things for myself and others. I love to decorate and style homes, mine and others.


In truth, with my need for more hours in the day lately the time I give to creativity is scarce. Although I look at most things through a creative lens the time I set aside to create is minimal these day. I lay awake at night thinking of the project I want to do. I think of the best way to make something as I am driving across town. I live vicariously through Pinterest. Thanks to technology I can now design right on my phone so when I get home all I have to do it hit ‘GO’.

Luckily I am forced into my creative space as I am on the countdown to my sister’s baby shower I am hosting. I am spending the weekend in my office. (I’ll share what I’ve made after the shower, so check back)

My office is half crafting space, half working space. My office is MY room in my home of boys. Escaping upstairs to my sunlight room, stacked halfway to the ceiling with paper bins, reams of vinyl pilled wherever it fits, a closet stocked by only God knows how many trips to the craft store. This is where I go to create. And when I create I restore. I relax. I re-energize. I get excited about what I am making.


There are many times, there have many years on end, months on end, that I have not allowed myself time to make creating a priority. This leads to me feeling bored, sluggish, blah. Yes, still days of recent I prefer to crawl into bed when a free evening presents itself, but this weekend I am reminded that allowing myself time to unplug and create is more energizing than that extra hour of sleep.

Remember: Creativity is Self Care

6 thoughts on “Creativity is Self Care

  1. So so true. I find that when I’m feeling “bored” I am simultaneously spending more time on Pinterest and losing sleep imagining things to make or do around the house. Creativity calling!

  2. I am such a creative person that it’s a must for me. I don’t have time to give to scrapbooking anymore. But that is why I am a cake decorator. It’s my outlet. I love when a customer gives me a theme and let’s me design. That’s when I do my best work. I’m lucky I can do this and be a mom.

  3. What a needed read for me today. I just sit and tell myself what I want to create, without actually doing it because I’m afraid I’m going to fail. Or I’m afraid that once I get started, I won’t have the motivation to finish. But failing or unfinished, the therapeutic value still holds the same weight.

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