It takes a tribe…

tribeThe launching of our blog this week has been amazing, exciting, anxiety provoking, empowering, challenging, liberating, as well as many other jumbled emotions. Our tribe has already grown to over 200 followers and we hope you keep sharing us with your tribe. The support and feedback we have received has already been comforting as we exercise our coping skills to recover from our vulnerability hangovers.

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This is Me

This is it.

This is the moment I step over the ledge and intentionally practice being vulnerable with you to see, follow and be with.

This is Me. Within myself, as a wife, mom, therapist, sister, daughter, friend.

Who am I really? I am a raging introvert, real speaking, honest to the core, recovering perfectionist. Yes, still in recovery as this is something I continue to struggle with although I know it does not really exist.

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We’re Here! And why are we doing this again?

So you might be wondering, what are we doing here? Why did we three chics decide to write yet another blog. I mean, there are plenty of blogs out there already. So why us and why now? Well, you’ll find that while we each have our own unique reason for why we choose to share ourselves with you, something we all have in common is that we recognize that no single one of us could write it all, or do it all for that matter. Sure, we have some common denominators – we’re all moms, we’re all friends, we’re all professional counselors, heck, we even all work together. But, aside from this unifying front, we are each uniquely different with perspectives that, while compatible, demonstrate the range of personality between us. So, while our hope is to create a wider community between the three of us, our mission is to show that this difference, this range in perspective is what makes all of us stronger together. We need each other, women need each other, men need each other, women and men need each other, and especially we parents need each other. Creating a shared blog is as much practical as it is purposeful. We bring more to you by being in this together, and we gain a heck of a lot more from each other than we would by going it alone. So, here’s to learning, growing, and living in community with you and with each other as we all strive to create a more Happy Mind and Happy Home.

Check back tomorrow and throughout the week to begin learning more about our contributors. Thank you for being here with us!