busy, we are all busy

Busy, we are all busy.

Most weeks the family google calendar is very colorful. Most weeks my work calendar is full of client appointments as well as the multitude of to-dos as a business owner. Most weeks I keep a personal bullet journal to help me visualize all the pieces of me. This is not a competition, but I think it is fair to say, I am busy.

stop the glorification of busy

We are all busy.

It is such a double-sided catch phase.

Truthfully, we are only too busy to show up for what we do not set as a priority.

Sure, I miss things here and there. Today is my boys field day at school but my priority today is my clients. It is a balancing act. I have already taken days off to be home with them when they were sick and for school holidays. So today, on field day, I need to show up for my clients. Sure, the mom guilt is trying to take center stage, but I will not allow that because this is the balancing act of a working mom.

Stop the glorification of busy.

We are all busy.

The balancing act of a working mom can be guilt driving or purpose driven.

I work because I want to. I work because my family needs me to. I work because I don’t feel being a 100% stay at home mom would be good for me. Sure I wish I could “lunch” more. Sure I wish I was more successful in my career. Sure I wish I could pick my kids up every day from the car line as they often ask me to.

I am working on the art of balance as a mom who works and finds purpose in her career.

We show up when we choose to show up.

I think this is a difficult road in mom world because when someone is suddenly too busy to show up for us we often jump to defensiveness, judgement, hurt, disappointment, comparison.

This is toxic.

Maybe that friend’s priorities had to shift. Maybe that friend has a sick kid. Maybe that friend is choosing to focus more on her marriage right now. Maybe that friend is knee deep on a work project. Maybe that friend has decided to re-prioritize your friendship. Maybe that friend is struggling with depression, grief or addiction.

There seems to be too much mom judgement when it comes to showing up. I value my mom tribe who understands without judgement. I struggle with enough guilt about not going up the school to have lunch with my kids more. Enough guilt for not making my son’s baseball game because it falls on my late night at the office. Enough guilt I have to tell my BFF I can’t meet for mambo taxi’s and guacamole this week because I need to give my hubby some attention. Enough guilt I sometimes go to bed at 9:30 leaving my hubby feeling neglected. I am choosing to show up where I need to show up.

Stop the Glorification of Busy.
We are all busy.
Set your priorities.
Show up.
Stop the judgement.

8 thoughts on “busy, we are all busy

  1. Well reading this couldn’t have come at a better time. Today I wish for tribe time with taxis and guac–but I will be ok to focus on work and kid time. Next time the focus may be different and I will remember that it’s all balance!

  2. This is so perfectly said. It is priorities. I hate when my priorities shift and someone else is there to judge. Stop judging me….I am doing my best. We are all busy and I like how your post says “stop the glorification of busy”. That is so true. I am not trying to one-up your Busy.
    I will have to do more self talk to stop beating myself up for feeling guilty. Love this blog.

  3. Really great post. Something I believe we all struggle with. And so important to not forget that prioritizing yourself in the mix is OKAY and equally as important as everyone else. ❤

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